Beacon Bangkok Co, Ltd is a proud member of the global network called Beacon gobo group, which has its roots and origin in Sweden.

Beacon Bangkok, also originally from Sweden has the perfect combination of extremely competitive prices, and consistent high quality.

During the years in Sweden, Beacon AB included such talents as lighting designer Micke Tannemyr and chemist Curt Dalström in the team. They developed the sophisticated Beacon full color gobo, which is an extremely thin CMYK gobo (now used all over the world), based on an advanced photolithographic process including ultra thin zero expansion glass. The Beacon full color gobo is one of many patents, since 1996, that was developed by Micke and Curt.

As the main OEM supplier, for many years, for the world famous fixtures such as Martin´s Mac 2000, MacIII, and Viper, we are confident we will be able to meet our customers demand when it comes to quality and service.

Welcome to Beacon Bangkok Co., Ltd